Use Cases for Trusted Workflows

Practical Applications for Proof Systems

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Paradigm Shift

We see the world positioned at the beginning of a massive paradigm shift in information technology.

A hundred years ago, information was stored in cards, in boxes, and locked in a room. The keyholder to this room held control over the access to this information, and thus the power of the information.

Today, our information systems have been built in this old paradigm, and we have inherited the recurring problems of this aging paradigm:

  • The risks of a single master key
  • The complexities of sharing and synchronization
  • The erosion of individuals’ privacy

The rise of blockchain technology makes possible solutions to these age old problems.

New Possibilities

Digital Notarization

Digital files can be signed through a process of cryptographic hashing and timestamping, creating an immutable blockchain record with a unique digital signature.

Universal Traceability

The origin of any document, contract, or piece of media can traced independently of any single actor or system by using publicly available tools.

Digital Ownership

Digital assets that represent real world properties such as documents, source code or physical objects can be issued and transferred, and capture a precise record of any modifications to the property.

Proof of Process Reporting

At any point a report can be generated that visualizes and describes in detail dates, times, metadata, and signed cryptographic proofs of any part of a workflow.

Direct Settlements

Any type of good, product, or information can be securely exchanged in accord with the logic of a smart contract, without the involvement of intermediaries.

Use Cases

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Trusted Workflows allow for the implementation of a KYC process that allows participants to efficiently use existing relationships and essential data to create a secure “trust network” without revealing sensitive data.

The trust network in turn reduces operational costs and allows for a smoother and faster customer experience.

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By implementing Trusted Workflows, shipping partners can increase both the interopterability between all parties as well as the security of the data, leading to reductions in cost and improved traceability and compliance.

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By integrating with social platforms and notarizing transactions through Trusted Workflows, insurance companies can provide a better user experience that is suited to the age of the sharing economy.

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Clinical Trials

Leveraging a design based on a cryptographic audit trail, this solution encourages stronger study design and discourages non legitimate alterations of the study or its data, building more integrity and transparency into the research process.

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