Tools for Trusted Workflows

Easily secure your business processes and share the proofs with your partners


Chainscript is an open JSON standard for Trusted Workflows.

With Chainscript, you have a clean, canonical record of the steps, metadata, and proofs of a process between parties.

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Map Explorer

Map Explorer is a tool which will instantly validate and visualize any Chainscript formatted JSON.

Each segment of the chain map can be invididually inspected to view its metadata and cryptographic evidence.

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Map Explorer Code on Github


A fossilizer creates proof that some data existed within a small window of time. These proofs, called fossils, are permanent, can easily be shared, and can be verified without a third party. For instance, they can be used to demonstrate the existence of documents before a given date.

Stratumn's Fossilizer is agnostic and can leverage different backends to create such proofs. The evidence can be inserted in a public blockchain such as Bitcoin, a permissioned blockchain, or even a Time Stamping Authority.

The fossils are computed at high velocity to meet the needs of demanding applications. They are also cost efficient as we are able to combine multiple fossils in a single blockchain transaction if needed.

Our Fossilizer is easy to integrate with existing applications. It is accessible via our platform's API, or can be licensed and deployed to your own infrastructure.


An agent is a programmable unit that executes the different steps of a workflow. Based on our open standard, Chainscript, an agent leverages our Fossilizer technology to create cryptographically secure workflows.

Everytime a step within the workflow is executed through the agent, a Segment is added to the workflow’s Chain Map, linking it to the previous segment. Our fossilizer takes care of inserting the different segments in a cryptographically provable timeline. The results is a complete audit trail of the process.

Our toolkit includes an open-source Software Development Kit which allows you to develop agents with Chainscript locally.

Agents can then be deployed and hosted by Stratumn or through your own infrastructure.

Agent Code on Github

To dive deeper, you can also check out some of the template NPM modules.

  • agent-js is the javascript component of stratumn-agent-template.
  • agent-ui is the user interface component of stratumn-agent-template.

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Visit our Developer Hub to check out the most recent documentation on how to effectively implement trusted workflows.