Proof of Process Technology solves a core dilemma for modern enterprises in a hyperconnected world: streamlining regulatory and compliance procedures, improving customer privacy and data protection all while reducing friction and transaction costs.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets are one of the most hyperconnected industries. Data is heavily secured behind firewall to prevent system failures and hacking, which makes communication between stakeholders complex and prone to errors. Dedicated back office staff and considerable resources are necessary to reconcile informations and maintain accuracy and accountability. Proof of Process technology enhances security and reduce costs through real-time synchronization of data and traceability of workflows.


The Insurance vertical is a natural fit due to the strong interconnections of processes between competing insurers. All these processes have to be secured and mapped, while at the same time protecting insurers and consumers privacy. Proof of Process Technology can help insurers achieve reductions in cost through the frictionless exchange of information with peers in addition to stronger customer privacy.


Even with recent advancements in decentralized distribution thanks to smart grids and renewable energy, all participants in the grid have a tremendous need for real-time, accurate data.

Stratumn’s networks enable traceability and accountability, allowing producers and consumers both to make effective business decisions and comply with regulations.


As manufacturers deal with fragmented processes and silo-ed IT systems, they lack the infrastructure to monitor complex network processes and thus to mitigate risk effectively.

Stratumn delivers networks that enable manufacturers to trust their processes and those of their partners, with traceability and transparency, reducing both risks and costs.

Is Proof of Process Technology right for my organization?

Use the six conditions below as a guide to understand if PoP Tech can be applied effectively.

There Exists a

Digitized Process

Data Integrity is Required

Throughout The Process

There Are

Multiple Participants

in the Process

Participants Have

Varying Levels of Trust

with Regard to One Another


Share Operational Data


May Wish to Share Certain Data

While Keeping Other Data Confidential

Auditors or Regulators
 May Require Access

to Data or Proof of Data

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