Plug & Play Traceability

Using a cryptographically encoded audit trail, IndigoTrace enables businesses to connect applications across different organizations and map a clear connection between events.

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Introducing Trace

Unlocking a new form of trust

In today’s hyper-connected world, we rely on computer systems spread out across many different organizations and partners. We can move and access gigabytes of information, but can we trust it?

Traceability solves this problem, by enabling us to know who did what, when, where and why. IndigoTrace is:


Users can see and explore every step in the process, via a clear, intuitive interface.


Security is provided by our Proof of Process (PoP) technology and public blockchains.


Integrating our API service with your existing applications is simple and streamlined.

How does it work?

IndigoTrace is an API service designed to be user-friendly for everyone within a business. Here’s an overview of the features.

Create A Workflow

Workflows connect various applications across organizational boundaries. They’re a series of steps that are captured by a cryptographic audit trail.

Invite Participants

Once you’ve invited participants to a workflow, they’re given a role. Each user is uniquely identified by a public/private key.

Add Inputs

Participants in a workflow add either automated or hand operated inputs, used to record or measure information in the real world. They’re identified by a public/private key.

Monitor Traces

Live instances in a workflow are called ‘Traces’. Users can view a Trace in real time, monitoring its process by inspecting the details at every step.

Sign up for the beta program

Applications for our IndigoTrace Beta program are now open. We’ll be selecting a small, exclusive group of businesses, and partnering with them to secure their inter-business networks. Sign up below to register your interest.