We envision a world where we work together at our highest potential through networks that connect ideas, goods and services—a network economy.

Our mission is to develop these networks and free organizations and individuals to trust the millions of processes that connect our world.

Our Story

Stratumn was born from the friendship and professional collaboration of Richard Caetano (CEO) and Stephan Florquin (CTO), who where both inspired by the bitcoin whitepaper and bitcoin’s real world success.

After publishing a book on bitcoin, Richard applied his knowledge of decentralized networks and experience with enterprise software development to define and build the initial implementation of Chainscript: a fundamental component of what would become Proof of Process, the heart of Stratumn’s approach to building process networks.

Sebastien Couture (Technology Evangelist), host of the Epicenter podcast, soon joined Richard and Stephan to officially form the company.

Stratumn continues to be led by Richard and Stephan’s vision and technical expertise with an international team in the 10th district of Paris.

Leading Customers

We’re pleased to be working with forward-thinking companies to implement and advance our latest technologies.


We’re backed by investors who support our mission and share our vision for the future: Otium Ventures, CNP Assurances, Nasdaq Ventures, and Digital Currency Group.


We’re privileged to have the counsel of Eric Monteil, Eric Larchevêque, and Akbar Ali Ansari.


We’re currently seeking talented individuals for roles in our Research, Engineering, Product, and Business teams.

What's happening in the Stratumnsphere

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