Tools for Trusted Workflows

Realize radical new possibilities through the power of blockchains, cryptography, and peer-to-peer networks.

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A New Wave

From Third Parties to Trusted Workflows

Today, business partnerships rely on intermediaries and third parties to bring trust and transparency to a business process or workflow. However, these intermediaries are often expensive, inefficient, and prone to corruption.

By using trusted workflows, businesses can make the best decisions with the support of information that is verified through a process of sophisticated and transparent network consensus, without the need for intermediaries.

Stratumn provides all the tools and services necessary for developers to rapidly and efficiently integrate these technologies into business processes to create secure, efficient, trusted workflows.

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Key Blockchain Concepts

Use Cases

Practical Applications for Blockchain Networks

The rise of digital currencies such as bitcoin are but one example of the potential of blockchains. Learn more about the potential of this new technology and how it relates to several unique cases in specific industries.

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An Open Standard for Trusted Workflows

The foundational architecture of our platform is an open specification to encourage the adoption of an interoperable standard for blockchain systems.

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